Space adventure by Daisy

BANG! I could feel my heart beating inside my chest like a drum, I peered between my fingers which covered my freezing face. It was all alright-I was on the moon. I carefully made my way out of the spaceship, and saw the most amazing view. The moon was a light grey, full of craters and fadding footprints. What a coinsedence to crash on the moon instead of Uranus! I took a slow , weightless step , leaving a deep and detailed footprint in the rock. Curios , I began to exploe this wonderful planet. It seemed to be true , that there was no life whatsoever on the moon. I love the moon, I love the low buzz that sound like a bee , I love the unusual , musty smell of dust and above all , I love the fact that no one is there to see you being yourself. Whilst I raced through these thoughts in my bursting mind , I heard a sudden noise . What could it be ? …




One Response to “Space adventure by Daisy”

  1. Mrs Atherton Says:

    Super writing Daisy and well done for including a show not tell sentence, don’t forget to check that your tenses match all the way through your writing. I’m looking forward to finding out what the noise could be!

    Mrs Atherton

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