Esme and Marcus

Today some of Class 11 and Class 12 took part in a piece of writing for Tools To Tell a Tale. This was our writing prompt…

Esme and George


A stone bridge curved over the icy river, like a witch’s finger beckoning. Grey clouds gathered overhead while Esme and Marcus crouched in the shadows. Thunder rumbled and shards of jagged lightning sliced through the air like an assassin’s dagger. Was this the time to make their move?

Sprinting swiftly under the crumbling arch, they darted into the unknown. At that moment, they heard the unmistakable sound of hounds baying behind them! Gripping Esme’s hand, Marcus hissed, “Faster!”

Our Challenge

Esme and Marcus are on the run from the ancient city. Your challenge is to write an episode from their journey. Start with them arriving at a new place that YOU have chosen; include one exciting incident and an escape! They could travel through snowy landscapes, dark forests, ruined cities to crumbling towers… It’s up to you!

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