Alice in Wonderland, by Sam

Today was the weirdest day of my life so it started off like a normal day. There I was sitting in the meadow nearly falling into my slumber and every now and then peeking into my sister’s book (which had no pictures) and it had no conversation where is the point of that. I needed something to do but in the blazing hot sun I could not be bothered to do anything but then a white rabbit with bright pink eyes ran past in a thick black leather waist coat. A faint little voice said “I’m late; I’m really late “as the rabbit pulled a silver pocket watch out of his waist coat pocket. I had nothing to do except follow the marvellous creature. We ran and ran and ran until he disappeared down a rabbit hole. It was so dark and I was so scared as I was falling down the hole, which was about eight miles down, but in was relived to find myself o the soft, green grass next to a little door. As scared as I was , I pulled the courage to open the door and there I was in a beautiful playground like forest type land.

4 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland, by Sam”

  1. reanne Says:

    used a lot of punctuation and it is very good

  2. Bradley Says:

    That was a good piece of work, Sam. I like the use of chatty diary like vocab

  3. Ruby & Grace Says:

    Sam! Well done :)! Of using Puncuation

    From Ruby and Grace

  4. Dylan Says:

    good work good punctuation and good vocabulary

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