Brazil By Grace

All about Brazil


Brazil speaks Portuguese; the exact same as Portugal. There is a amount of: 211,243,220 people as the population right now in 2017. It is the 5th largest population and the 5th biggest country.


In Brazil they have very lovely climates but there is one mysterious rare climate what is: 20’ C to 64’F (that is really hot)

Food + Drinks

In Brazil they eat Rice, Beans is a staple of Brazil lea diet. They are usually eaten with a protein (mean or eggs) , Salad , , far -fora ( a toasted) of flour of maniac or corn . Capeta (a drink) means ‘Devil’’ in Portuguese; and is a very strong drink made of . . . Everything. These foods, In Brazil are very yummy.

Houses at Brazil

In Brazil where you can get rich and poor, Houses are made of bricks and cement . You can get amazing, white hotels or just amazing houses!
In brazil there are alloy of fun sports: Gold, Water Polo , Judo . Football , Motorsports , Athletics , Cricket , Swimming , Surfing and skateboarding and other amazing sports to do


I hope you listen to me and have learnt about Brazil !

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