Catcoon By Lucy

CRASH! My rocket fell with a massive thud. I Quickly scrambled out from underneath, ” where am I ” I said to myself . This was not a normal planet it was orange with hints of blue and seemed to have a emerald green ring around it. I was aghast in the site of this beautiful planet,even though there was not much on it , I decside to name it Catcoon. I started to explore Catcoon I came acroiss a strange plant its leaves drooped down but it still looked alive , I also noticed some red specks on it . I carried on walking round the planet then I saw something that I will never forget some … fOOTPRINTS but these were not human footprints they had the three holes In the print so that must have ment they it had three toes , therefore it must have been an alien ! My mouth dropped open , I started to shake. I got shivers up my spine however I was not cold .

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