Colour Poems

This week we are taking part in the Colour Poem challenge.

This colourful challenge was set by Mrs Yollis, a teacher in California, and Mrs Monaghan, a teacher in Yorkshire.

You can visit their class blogs by click on their names.

orange twitter

The colour this week is ORANGE and we are using cinquain poems as our structure.

Here is an example that Mrs Atherton has written about her cat, Rudi.

Rudi Poem

As a reminder, here are the rules you need to follow to write your own cinquain poem:

  • The first line must be a noun and only have 2 syllables.
  • The second line must be 2 adjectives which have 4 syllables in total.
  • The third line must be 3 ‘ing’ words, which have a total of 6 syllables.
  • The fourth line is a phrase made up of 8 syllables.
  • The last line must be a 2 syllable synonym.

What would your orange poem be about?

3 Responses to “Colour Poems”

  1. Mrs Monaghan Says:

    What a great idea, Mrs Atherton – you have inspired me to have a go with my class, too! Is Rudi your own cat? I wonder if your class have any top tips for us, as we have a go at cinquains in one of the coming weeks. We shall visit your blog as a class to take our inspiration from you!

    I haven’t visited your blog for a few weeks so it’s lovely to catch up with all the wonderful things you’ve been up to – it looks like you have a really exciting and dynamic classroom there. Thank you for sharing all your ideas!

    Mrs Monaghan

  2. Bree Says:

    You have done really good on your cinquain poem, I like your picture in the background.

  3. Emily Says:

    Well done Mrs Atherton I love the poem and the picture too !

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