Deforestation, by Zahraa

Despite the many cons of deforestation, it can be a positive thing as well. When all the wood and trees are moved, the land is quite spacious. There are more practical pros, and luxurious ones. Practical ones put wood andpulp to use. Luxuary is meat forour burgers, provided with cattle ranching.

Deforestation provides us with things for everyday life. Surely you know, wood won’t be foundin themiddle of the Atlantic Ocean. Face it: deforestation isn’t the end of the world! Right now, you might be sitting on a chair, with wood provided from the Amazon rainforest. You might write in your notepad, the paper might come from the Amazon rainforest.

Also, deforestation provides room for crops and cattle ranching. The meat comes from cows, ranched in the space from destroyed forests. Also, bananas and other fruits/vegetables sometimes are grown in these. You eat these every day: are you grateful to deforetation?

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