Describing a setting, by Daisy and Emily H

As I ambled along the cobblestone , narrow path, owls hooted in the distance. After a short while I came to an abrupt stop as I realized there were a group of minute, whispy, bubble-like things following me. I gazed in wonder at the golden mysterious things as they hummed and hovered around me like they were attached to me on a piece of string. I finally started to realise what they were after a couple of minutes… DREAMS! I felt like I was going to sneeze as the strong scent of wood got up my nose from a nearby tree. Dishevelled, auburn leaves were hanging onto ancient trees for dear life. Other green leaves were latched onto crooked, healthy branches. As I stared at the midnight blue sky twinkling stars gaped down at me. The dreams shimmered in the moonlight sky as they exaggerated their golden surface.

I stared in awe around me, taking in all that had happened. I had to squint with the brightness of the moonlight. As there were innumerable dreams surrounding me, the buzzing they made sounded like an isolated, ear-splitting and eery noise almost bursting my eardrums. My ears throbbed with pain. All of a sudden a collasal breeze struck as I kept on walking through the silent street.

2 Responses to “Describing a setting, by Daisy and Emily H”

  1. Shirley Dann Says:

    Oh My! Some of your phrases were so good they gave me goosebumps. I love that the leaves were ‘dishevelled and auburn’ and that the dreams ‘exaggerated their golden surface’. An awesome piece of writing, girls, well done! 🙂

  2. Mrs Atherton Says:

    Well done Daisy and Emily, you selected some powerful verbs and adjectives to make your writing interesting and enjoyable to read!

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