Describing Dragons

Today we are looking at expanded noun phrases.

An expanded noun phrase is a noun phrase with additional information. We are going to be using similes to add our extra information.

Dragon is the noun

Add some interesting adjectives to make a noun phrase.

A fearsome, ferocious, evil dragon.

Add a simile to make it an expanded noun phrase.

A fearsome, ferocious, evil dragon with eyes like amber.



Your adjectives must NOT be colours!

13 Responses to “Describing Dragons”

  1. bree Says:

    The ferocious dragon, with razor sharp teeth, who had ruby red eyes

  2. Alex Says:

    The Ferocious,repulsive dragon with collasal wings who flies stylishly in the breeze!!

  3. lauren lucie Says:

    The sly, mysterious dragon who swoops down from its later has a free breakfast every day

  4. chloe Says:

    The monsterious, ferocious dragon, with scales the coulour of blood ,who kills innocent villagers

  5. Bree Says:

    The collosal red dragon with flaming red eyes , who terrorised the innocent village

  6. Megan and Melanie Says:

    The sly, aggressive dragon with eyes as red as rubies, who roams around day and night, comes out of it’s lair and enjoys a free breakfast.

  7. Zak Says:

    The peckish, terrorising dragon which has red eyes like a devil, who ripped lunges out of its pray!!!!

  8. Ben Says:

    The feirce, fire – breathing dragon, which likes destroying houses, went back to his lair to eat his breakfast.

    Class 11

  9. Freya Says:

    The petrifying, vile dragon with scales as hard as rock, what ate everything in site, burnt down houses making hundreds of people homeless!!!

  10. Alfie Says:

    A vile , vishous dragon with red eyes like a demon ,who destroys the village , destoyed there homes

  11. Ariana Says:

    the vicious , terrifying dragon with wings as big that covers the moon, who kills doesens of people time after time

    Class 11

  12. Ariana Says:

    The violent terrifying dragon with wings that cover the moon who pounces on the ground pushing it lower

  13. Bree Says:

    The vicious colllasal dragon ,with wings as huge s the moon ,whov destroys eberyting in sight

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