Esme and Marcus, by Lucy

Exhausted, famished, shattered Esme and Marcus approached a rugged cave. They were so relieved that they had finally found shelter. Esme sat down within the cramped cave, breathing heavily. Marcus was concerned, he did not know how he would feed the both of them, but he stayed optimistic. The first night was terrible, especially for Esme, she was used to more comfortable surroundings. Marcus was used to hard floor so it didn’t bother him that much. He went out outside to see what he could find for breakfast. In the distance Marcus could see something tiny lying on the floor. It was a dead bird, it was not a big meal but it was all he could find. He started a fire using only two feeble sticks, the bird didn’t taste like high class food but it was all they had. The night soon approached and it was freezing, not even the fire could warm them up. Esme got no sleep at all, meanwhile Marcus was fast asleep. During the day, when it was warmer Esme manage to get a little sleep but this concerned Marcus she was getting weaker every day.

Days merged into each other, who new how long they had been there. One night Marcus was woken by a strange noise. Was it an animal? Was it friend? Was it foe? It was one of the knights who was fighting to get rid of the king. He told them that the war was over king James was dead! Marcus and Esme were so happy that the sprinted all the way back to the small but homely village.

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