Esme and Marcus, by Daisy


Breathing heavily, Marcus and Esme came to a halt. Esme seated herself on an uneven rock whilst her brother surveyed the craggy cave.  After running for 3 days, the pair were ecstatic to just find shelter. Despite this, Marcus was apprehensive about finding nourishment. How couldn’t he be? He was running from a war to his family. Marcus and Esme’s family had lived in Greece the Romans had declared war there. This meant that the family had to flee, Esme and Marcus were separated from their parents during the process, they were in another city. The first night was tough. No proper food, just berries, no warmth , not even a fire, they didn’t even have a jacket to throw over them.

Marcus woke first. ‘Let her sleep, I’ll find water.’ He murmured to himself. He creeped out of the cave, so that he didn’t disturb his sister, when he accidentally kicked a rock. Consequently , Esme awoke.

“Where are you going?” she questioned .

“Getting water fr- Why can’t we hear screaming from the war? We did last night. It can’t be over yet ,  could it?” he replied doubtfully.

Esme jumped up from the floor, in hope of finding her family, although, no such luck ; they were in different cities. Maybe they would find their family soon though.

Weeks later, Esme and Marcus found themselves in another city. They decided to sit in the church for a while to pray for their family. When they heard footsteps .

“Mum , Dad !“ they cried.

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