Feathers of the Phoenix, by Liam

Whilst he was crusing amongst the clouds, trying to focus on the phoenix, he heard someone shouting and screaming. He turned quickly and saw that something was there. The phoenix swoooping and diving swiftly, gracefully watching him in awe. He was in the clouds looking for the phoenix because he wanted to see his children grow up also he wanted to see the future!

When he fired the arrow and stabbed the wing he felt proud. Suddenly, the phoenix plummeted down, spiraling uncontrollably. He fell onto the ship. The blinding flash of light was very mysterious, was it dead? Next thing Bob know, he was in the wings of the phoenix on the ground. Bob was confused. He had trued to shoot it down but it had also saved his life. A few hours later he woke up and saw a jug of golden liquid and he knew that it could save his life. He walked to the jug and drank it. Where had it come from?

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