How to catch dreams by Hannah D

How to Catch Dreams


You will need:

.One Giant Trumpet

.Glass jars

.One net



First you will have to get out a giant, long trumpet.

Next you need to make sure you are at a child’s bedroom window and make sure they are definitely asleep.

After that you also need to start catching the children’s dreams, they are like wispy little bubbles in the air but you have to get a net out to catch them and put them in a glass jar.

After you’ve done all that you need to slowly walk up to a different child’s bedroom and then cautiously open the window.

After, you need to get out you’re smooth, long, golden trumpet and carefully and quietly blow into it to the children’s room.

When you start catching another dream you need to check that you are completely silent so you don’t wake any of the children up.


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