How to catch dreams by Emogen

How to catch dreams


To catch dreams you will need your equipment such as;

A few glass jars,


A trumpet shaped instrument,

A black leather suitcase,

Sensitive ears and to be quit tall.


Firstly, quietly take out the see-through jar and start to catch the dreams; however, be wary not to catch any wicked dreams. Repeat this step until all of the jars are filled with enjoyable dreams.


Once you have done this go to a child’s house, who doesn’t have a dream or is having a nightmare, and give them a wonderful dream.


To do this, get the trumpet and place the instrument over the jar. Gently suck the dream up into the trumpet, however do not swallow the dream, this can give you terrible tummy ache! Then slowly open the child’s window and blow in the dream.


After doing this you must keep giving out the dreams until the jars are empty.


You have completed ‘How to Catch a Dream.’


Are you ready to catch a dream?



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