Kenning Poems

Today we have been planning our Kenning poems by thinking of an object, animal or person we could describe. We know that there are 8 lines and each line only has 2 words on it. Each line describes your chosen object, animal or person. The clues start off hard and get easier and easier. Kenning poems originate from the Anglo-Saxon period and we will be writing our own tomorrow. Can you guess what Emily is describing from her planning?


5 Responses to “Kenning Poems”

  1. jacobwc14 Says:

    Cool poster 🙂

    By Jacob / west Coker primary school

  2. lucie and bree Says:

    This kenning poem is amazing. We think that it is a cat and we like how you’ve put the hardest first.

  3. Alex Says:


  4. Ariana Says:

    Is it a cat

    I like it

  5. kane Says:

    is it a cat?

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