Mr T.roll by Ben

As I patrolled the bridge importanly,I looked across and saw the small goat family once again searching for grass.How my heart ached for them-It was horrible to be hungry.I know what it is like to be so hungry so i went to help and I asked mrs t.roll if I could  and she answed “yes that would be kind of you” so I went to help.

I peeked over the bridge and saw the smallest billy goat.”Im going to gobble you up” I shouted which for a troll means Im going to give you a hug.But right at that moment the mother goat charged at me and the little baby goat fell! into the freezing cold water.I tried to help but he had already floated away.

After that the angry mother goat shoated”this is your fault!”I tried to explain but she wouldent listen to me.I tried to cheer her up by giving her a hug but I tripped and she fell in with a massive splash.

After that tragaty  I saw the biggist goat trip troping over my bridge.I hoped on top of the bridge then ran to the big goat to give a big goat.I got poked in the butt and then I woke up in jail.

2 Responses to “Mr T.roll by Ben”

  1. cl112013 Says:

    Always remember to check your spelling and punctuation, Ben.

  2. Jamie Says:

    Brilliant vocabulary Ben.Check your spelling.

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