My Orange Colour Poem, by Ben

Ben Kitten


Have I followed the cinquain rules?

5 Responses to “My Orange Colour Poem, by Ben”

  1. Mrs Monaghan Says:

    Hi Ben,
    I like your cinquain and I like your question – it made me go and read Mrs Atherton’s post carefully to check you had followed the rules – and you have! Well done! What was the trickiest bit of writing your cinquain?

  2. Ben Says:

    Hi Mrs Monaghan,
    Thank you for your comment.
    The hardest part of my cinquain poem was the 8 syllable line.

  3. Megan Says:

    your work is brill ben keep it up 🙂

  4. Bree Says:

    Well done Ben I can see you have tried your best

  5. Emily Says:

    Brilliant Ben! The picture is super adorable and the poem has very interesting works ! keep it up

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