My Orange Colour Poem, by Bree

Bree Puppy

Do you like my poem?

6 Responses to “My Orange Colour Poem, by Bree”

  1. Lola Says:

    I like you poem because I adore puppy’s 🙂

  2. Mrs Monaghan Says:

    Hi Bree – I do like your poem – can you tell me what you used to present your poem so beautifully? Do you have a puppy (or a dog) or do you just love them?

    Keep writing your wonderful poems – I am looking forward to sharing them with my class this week.

    Mrs Monaghan @class2middleham

  3. Bree Says:

    Good Morning Mrs Monaghan,
    Thank You for replying to my poem. I love dogs and I have six dogs.

  4. Bree Says:

    Hello Mrs Monaghan,
    The way I wrote my colour poem was on the first line you had to have a noun, on the second line you had to have two adjectives with four syllables , on the third line you have to have three words ending in ing with six syllables, on the fourth line you have to have an eight syllable phrase and on the fifth line you have to have a synonym.

  5. Megan Says:

    Your colour poem is great Bree keep it up 🙂

  6. Emily Says:

    Keep up the amazing work bree you have so many posts ! Well done

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