Pigeon Impossible, By Miaa

One afternoon, Walter Beckett, who was wearing a smart, black suit and carrying a metallic box [which looked like a briefcase], strolled down the bumpy pavement thinking it was a calm; normal day. Sitting down to have his nice lunch, he opened his bag; there was a mouth-watering, large bagel.
As Walter went to take a bite of the delicious bagel, a pigeon swooped down; stopped on the dirty, rusty bench. Giving Walter a sly look, Walter took a piece off the bagel and through it to the pigeon. Unbelievably, the pigeon refused the remarkable bagel. All of a sudden, the unknown item fell off the bench [like a mystery] and the pigeon was gone. Suddenly, the unknown item began to fire red hot, flaming lasers at Walter. Shocked, Walter ran and ducked. Then the briefcase set a rocket off from a building also Walter Becket flew up into the blue, bright sky to save Russia.

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