Pigeon Imposssible, By Ryan

On one Tuesday morning, a man named Walter Becket was walking down the street, and very sneakily took a rocket controller metallic briefcase out of another spies hand. He sat down on a bench nearby and opened the case and ate his lunch, which was a bagel. Suddenly, a pigeon came out of no ware staring at the bagel. Greedily, the pigeon wanted all of it so it jumped up at Walter, and in fear, he just threw it away to get the pigeon of him. Unsuspectedly, the pigeon fell into the briefcase.
Walter stared at the case wondering what was going to happen. All of a sudden, the bird started peaking at the buttons in the case. Unknown from the bird, it was shooting lasers, flying, and causing havoc everywhere. People were screaming every second; Walter couldn’t think of anything to do. Until, he came up with a plan of: getting the bagel, putting the bagel above fire and hoping the bird would come out. Surprisingly, it worked, the pigeon slowly came out and looked straight at the bagel. Walter went straight for the case; but the pigeon went straight back in and aimed the lasers right at Walter.

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