Planet chick corn by Mia

Crash!!! My rocket had just landed violently on a mysterious planet I was heading for the moon when  I had over shotted. The rocket had gone out of control. From what I seen this planet was a shimmery fluorescent gold . It seemed to be undiscoverd I thought I could be rich for finding a new planet that I don’t even think is in our solor system . I decided to head out . I slowly put my hand on the nob shaking with fear I twisted it . My mouth dropped with amazement this planet looked even better when your standing on it . I was aghast with this view of the hole of space it felt like a dream . I had tried to pinch myself however this space suit was super thick so I couldnt feel anything . I went out  further to see even more. Then I seen footprints I investergated them. They seemed to be no human footprint . Defintly not I didnt think that any human has 10 toes or 3 feet .

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