Planet m bars by kyle

“ahhhhhhhhhhhh” Kyle said as they were about to crash land on this mistirous planet. crash!!A giant exploshan happened.”Jamie Harvey are you there. Where are you?”
“Kyle I’m here but where’s jamie? Wait what’s that in the distance,is Jamie.”
They went. To see if. It was Jamie. It was.”Jamie are you all right.”Kyle said as the blood from Jamie’s arm dripped on to the new planet what they had discovered.”come on Jamie fight through the pain.”Harvey called to the as he looked around the planet to see if there was any life or some sort of space junk.harvey was trembling as he explored this monsters planet.”HARVEY HARVEY Jamie he’s …gone to the light.Ben Ben do you copy.”
“I hear you loud and clear.WHat’s happened.
“It’s jamie he’s gone to the light.”

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