Planet uniken by Niamh

BANG!!!! I had just crashed on to an undiscovered Gold planet . I was pretty sure I was meant to land on the moon but it seems to be that the steering wheel from my rocket had broken of and took me to another planet . I wonder if I was the first person to discover this unusual place . I thought I should go an explore  , however what if I got lost and never find my way or maybe I should place a flag down like Neil Armstrong and stay in site of the flag or maybe I should just fly safely back home and forget that I ever came the this planet . Then I thought to my self I could be come famous for being the first Person to come here , I sat and waited for a while to think what I should do , then it came to me I should be a flag down : I wanted to achieve something that know one had ever done before . This was surely the first time anyone had ever stepped on this planet so this was a great opportunity for me to become famous , but then it came to me agian what if I never come back or find my way , but I knew what I had to do become a great person that does good things . So then I slowly reached my hand out to the door from the rocket . Then before I knew it I was actually on this amazing gold planet , I grabed my special flag and Tried to push it in the ground . CLING !!!!! Ouch th hurt I had just tried to push my flag into the ground as hard as I could then all of a suden my flang bent there was a really loud noise and then I realise the planet is made of gold , as i looked down I saw some unusual footprints ……..

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