Richard III Experience


This week year 5 and 6 went to York to the Richard III experience. Can you add a comment or post about your favourite part of the trip or what you learnt?

3 Responses to “Richard III Experience”

  1. lucy Says:

    The last part of the day was my favourite, we when to the Richard III museum. The first thing we did there was walk up a narrow set of stairs. He told us they were narrow so only one person could go up at a time. Next we played a quick game were we had to pick four cards to use them as weapons, my group picked fire, pickaxe, rocks and a slingshot.

  2. Niamh Says:

    When we got off the coach , group one went to the wall walk and group two went to the museum . At first we stood out side and a man came out and told us a few things about the museum . The man welcomed us into the beautiful museum . On the first floor there was a tall statue wearing shiny metal armour . It looked like it was staring me right the face ! I learnt what people used to defend themselves and how they used them . On the second floor there was loads of posters with information on but he didn’t tell us anything abut those . On the third floor we split into seven groups and described how we would defend our selves in war and how we would attack.

  3. Mia Says:

    Our year 5 trip to York.

    On the 26th march ,year 5 went on a exciting trip to York. To learn a bit more about Richard III . We did a lot of different things and had so much fun,

    Wild Wall Walk

    After the Monk bar we decided to go and walk the wall. The wall was slightly the frightening because the walls had gaps in and it was super windy my hair was going all different ways . However, on the other side there was lucious green gardens .

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