Show not tell sentences

This week in literacy we are going to be looking at show not tell sentences.

Show not tell sentences make your writing much more interesting to your reader as a setting, scene or characters emotions is described to the reader rather than simply written.

We are going to use the clip ‘Catch a Lot’ below to help us. The animation is about a fisherman who is trying to teach his son their family tradition.

Can you tell how the father and son are feeling at different parts of the story? How can you tell? Use the detail of their actions, expressions and body language to help you write your sentence and show the reader, rather than telling them that they were determined, bored, angry, scared or frustrated.

For example, instead of writing;

The boy was bored.

You could write;

The boy sighed heavily. Resting his arms on the oars of the boat, he stared back towards the harbour.

Can you share one of your sentences in the comments box?

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