Space adventure by Ben

A rocket had just crashed on an unknown planet.It was a dusty planet.Two men were in the rocket named Ben and jamie.”where are we?”asked Ben.”I don’t know”said Jamie.Then they saw a small town.They went to the small town someone told them that they are on tatooine a nice little planet.They got to ride in a veicle called a landspeeder it floats over the ground.There was a shop that sold 3 fuel and only 1 was the fuel they could use but the shop owner said it was 500!I said I didn’t have that money.suddenly a bomb hit.Everyone was shouting storm troopers sand people.They say sand people kill us humans and storm troopers are trying to take tatooine over.The shop owner said he would give me the fuel for free if I could stop the attack.

One Response to “Space adventure by Ben”

  1. Mrs Atherton Says:

    Don’t forget to use capital letters for proper nouns Ben and if you use a space after punctuation when you’re typing as it makes your writing easier to read. Do you think you could add a show not tell sentence in to this paragraph?

    Mrs Atherton

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