Space by Emily

CRASH BANG what was that noise I thought to myself.I looked out the window of my ginormous spaceship,however,I eas not able to see anything I looked again,this time I saw gold.Maybe I was on Venus.THis is not Venus my assistant told me.”Where are we?”I questioned.My assistant didn’t know where we was or how to get back.I could not see:it was as bright as the sun consequently no body knew where we was.We got ready to get out of out space ship.As the door opened my heart was pounding out of my chest.My heart beat was the rush of 1000 heartbeats.Even though we didn’t know where we where it was beautiful we had special googles that could help us see!It was gorgeous to have a new experience that I would never forget.It was so calm I loved it.I was so aghast at the sight I could see huge meteors shooting past.MAssive stars floating around.We figured that it was an undiscovered planet named penine.I could hear footprints getting closer and closer and closer.I stumbled backwards,I had my eyes squinted,I was shivering in fear.In the distance I could see a tiny dot getting nearer to us and nearer.I closed my eyes trying not to make eye contact with the creature!

One Response to “Space by Emily”

  1. Brendan Quelch Says:

    Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thanks.

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