St George and the Dragon, by Dani

Many, many years ago, there was a village perched on a green, tidy hill. Cottage sat the side, children playing on the road. Also it had a beautiful castle. In that castle lived a king and a princess. The princess had long blonde hair.
One day a vicious, snarling dragon swooped in the luscious village and terrorised all the villagers. It set a well grown tree on fire and glared as it burned ‘I want the princess!’ it boomed. Everyone went to the castle and barged down the door and dragged her out to the dragon. ‘She will be sacrificed tomorrow!’ yelled the snarling dragon. Everyone gasped.

One Response to “St George and the Dragon, by Dani”

  1. Grace and Emelia Says:

    Well done Dani! Good use of Fronted Adverbials.!

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