St George and the Dragon by Grace and Eva

Many years ago, there was a dragon spotted on a top of a hill. The peaceful village (not peaceful anymore).The villagers ran into their lovely cottages .They screamed, they shouted as loud as they can. They all tried to hide but they got saw. Suddenly, the dragon widely opened his mouth and spat fire out to make the villagers scared. The villager’s panted out -side. The dragon roared ‘BRING ME THE PRINCESS AT THIS MOMENT OR ELSE….. He demanded. The villagers of course they ran to the castle pushing the princess guards. The beautiful princess was in shock. One villager grabbed the murderous rope and tied her hands to the back of her!
They all carried her. She struggled to try and get of that murderous rope. Being transported into the dragon’s area! The furious dragon sniggered and suddenly George heard a dragon open his mouth.

A long, long, time ago in a luscious , green valley (Legend tells us ) there lived a fearsome dragon. This is the tale of St George , who is the hero ,and how he saved an innocent village.
It was an ordinary , calm day in the quiet little village called Nottingham near the valley . However, lurking in desistance was the was the dragon was the Constance threat of the dragon , that terrified the villagers ,on a daily basis. The snarling and fearsome dragon shot of the cave and flapped his mighty wings. The dragon roared fearsomely and terrorised the peaceful (not any more). However the dragon keeps appearing out of no where , so they decided to put everyone’s name in the urn and one day , the princess’s so she went to the dragons but on the way she met a knight called St. George he rescued the her and brought her back to the village.

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  1. Dani Says:

    Well written good use of adjectives. keep it up. 😉

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