St. George and the Dragon, By James

There was a time, when the town , that now goes by the name of Heywood, that were hiding their secret from the nearby village. The small town were in danger of being seared at any second, as a great dragon was terrorising the towns-people. The ferocious, demonic dragon sent an explosion of wonderful, blazing fire which melted the well-grown crops instantly. He was a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon with a strong immense head.

Months passed, and each month the dragon demanded a human to eat. 7 years passed, and a warrior, dressed in steel armour, strolled into the town. Everyone stared at him in amazement! The king grasped his hand and shook it wildly. His name was George. He was a Christian from turkey, and he was willing to kill this dragon. The next day, he set out to find the mighty beast’s cave. when he turned a corner, he saw a monumental cave that looked dragon-sized. Suddenly, a great , spiked dragon pierced its head through vast area of boulders. He tried to get his first strike strait through its skull, but he quickly swept it away. In an instant a great stroke of fire blazed upwards and broke the ledge that he was standing on. George flung his spear and it went flying through the air. At that moment the dragon shot out of its cave, and the spear pierced through its scales. It was dead … or was it…

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