St. George and the Dragon by Miaa

A long, long time ago, there was a luscious, green valley (legend tells us). It was a peaceful day near the beautiful, see through water in the valley however; lurking in the nearby distance was the most eerie creature that was a constant threat. A cold blooded, ferocious, senseless, savage dragon, with claws as sharp as a knife, demanded human flesh as a sacrifice. The vicious dragon, who could eat a man in one, rushed towards the courageous warrior. Fearlessly, the venomous beast breathed a brilliant flame of fire, which exploded wildly, and set nearby trees and crops on fire.

Months passed and the dragon demanded a human to eat. Sadly, they pulled a name out of the urn. The feeling of when your name gets pulled out of the urn…

One sunny day the princess got picked out. Mortified, the princess ambled until she seen a handsome warrior, his armour was as shiny as gold he was riding a hardworking, cream horse. The Roman solider came rushing towards the princess! ‘’ I’ll save you ‘’he ran as fast as lighting. Bravely, he got closer and closer to the ferocious dragon. Soon he was dead…

One Response to “St. George and the Dragon by Miaa”

  1. Emelia Says:

    Well done! Miaa You did GREAT!

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