The BHG’s Visit, by Taylor and Matthew

Intrigued, the BHG came to visit the BFG’S dark and gloomy cave although, he wondered what the sparkly things were floating around in the air. The BHG was impressed with the flying tiny little things in the cave, it made him feel special. It was full of wispy bubbles fluttering through the air. It smelt horrible and revolting like muddy feet. The cave was very quiet in the dark and the silence was petrifying. The BHG felt extremely excited and he started grinning from ear to ear. He bent down to cautiously open the suitcase ready to catch dreams…

8 Responses to “The BHG’s Visit, by Taylor and Matthew”

  1. ben Says:

    I like this because it has good adjectives

  2. Thomas Says:

    A very good pice of writing you should always work together

  3. liam Says:

    i like this because it is a good story

  4. hannah Says:

    Great paragragh i really like all the detail you have put into it,keep the god work up.

  5. Emogen Says:

    lovley pieace of writing talor

  6. cl112013 Says:

    great mathew and taylor i think it is so gooooooooooooood

  7. thomas Says:

    this is a very good piece of writing

  8. leah Says:

    i think that it has good adjectives and i think you worked well as a team

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