The Dragon By Emily

As the dragon crawled out of its mythical cave the poor villagers screamed loudly , all of the sudden the vile dragon flapped its mighty wings like a bat trying to hang from a roof . The savage , deadly dragon , with razor sharp teeth like a dinosaur’s tail , who forces the innocent town to destroy their village . The dragon could fly and hover as fast as the winds cold , fresh air .

The deadly dragon had wings like a raging shadow , he also had claws as sharp as a cats ear and best of all he had a burning , flaming fire breath which could glow in the glooming dark . His scales are spiteful the way he looks when he shows off . His wings glide in the wind while he leans forward to catch his pray . As he swoops in the wind the crops fall from the strongness of the wind .

The dragon dipped downwards back to earth to scoop up the pray that he has always wanted . He gobbled and chewed up the pray up with its two most sharp teeth in one bite . With the remains still in his mouth , he creped back into its cave to enjoy a free breakfast that he didn’t have to put any effort in for . His mouth dribbled as there was no remains or evidence .

2 Responses to “The Dragon By Emily”

  1. Emily Says:

    Well Done Emily! I love your work. You have used lots of describing words and I find it very interesting.

    Digital Leader

  2. Ryan Says:

    Very good work Emily

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