The Dragon By Jayden


A long, long time ago in a town named Throsborough, a snarling, vile dragon came to live on the colossal mountains in the beautiful town. The spiteful, aggressive dragon with flaming, maroon eyes, who breathes fire like an exploding volcano, demanded that in return for the water supply, the poor villagers had to take the gruesome, vicious animal two sheep a day, needless to say they soon ran out. The sly, revolting dragon with razor sharp teeth, which are long, enjoyed his last sheep.

First thing the next day, the dragon swooped down from his lair into the cold morning breeze. The petrifying dragon with sharp talons, which can cut anything, clasped a cow and burned down happy family’s homes and killing dozens of the pedestrians at a time. The scaly dragon lazily flew back to his lair.

The very next day, the beastly dragon came down with a deafening roar and with the creatures deadly breath he burned the petrified villagers crops so the Mayor gave the beast all of their cows, which was the dragons favourite meal, and then he flew fearsomely back to his old home with the poor cows.

8 Responses to “The Dragon By Jayden”

  1. Bree Says:

    Wow Jayden I really like your relative clauses and your punctuation

  2. Tyler Says:

    Well done Jayden you did very well and you used parts of the play didn’t you.

  3. Bree Says:

    WOW Jayden you have used vocal well and relative clauses

  4. Emily Says:

    Amazing work Jay keep up the amazing work it is always n the blog =)

  5. chloe Says:

    WOW! I like your work Jayden.

  6. Jayden Says:

    Yes I did tyler.

  7. Isaac Says:

    I love your work Jayden!

  8. William Says:

    Wow Jayden I really like your chose of the relative clause you used

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