The Dragon by Jonathan

The scaly, beastly dragon with impenetrable skin like armour, who lives in a cave and only comes out to destroy, terrorizes a village and destroys all there crops. It swoops in like a hawk only to steal a sheep in it’s razor sharp talons. The dragon petrifies anyone who goes near it. If anyone goes near the humongous, killer beast they will get roasted because of it’s inferno fire breath.

The repulsive, evil dragon with sword like fangs, Which demands two sheep a day, can destroy entire villages. the sly, lethal dragon swoop down and destroy entire houses just by landing on them. Anyone who goes near this beast lair will never be seen again; the beast will swallow them whole. It has flaming red eyes that can see you all the way on a mounting, his tail is as prickly as a porcupines back. He has wings that can make tornadoes because they can make so much wind. His scales are as slippery as  snake the beast inferno flames are like an erupting volcano.

The beast lair is like a rock so if you go near it you wont know anything lives in it. On the inside there are so many scorch marks from the dragons fire breath. The village has hay roof’s and stone walls The crops are kept in a little green house. The trees surround the village to try and keep away beasts but the dragon can change all that. After a visit from the evil monster the town has burning hay roof’s and pieces of stone rubble from the stone walls. All the tree’s are burning down and all the crops get destroyed and the town starve. The dragon is an evil, killer, beastly, wicked monster.

6 Responses to “The Dragon by Jonathan”

  1. bree Says:

    Well done guys i really like how some of you have done simile poems

  2. bree Says:

    Well done jonathan i really your story its very descriptive

  3. Emily Says:

    Excellent work Jonathon you used amazing adjectives keep it up =)

  4. Mason Says:

    You have used lots of relative clauses. Well done Jonathan

  5. Abi-Jayne Says:

    Well done Jonathan you used superb adjectives.

  6. Aidan Says:

    Well done, Jonathan! I like the adjectives that you have used

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