The Dragon by Tyler

The colossal, vile dragon with flaming red eyes like rubies, who burns anything that comes into sight, destroyed their homes. He flies as fast as the wind with a massive lunge forward while flapping his wings and away it goes snatching it’s prey while swooping through the air. Later on, the spiteful, deadly dragon was gobbling up his breakfast, who is greedy and doesn’t share, swallowed it whole and coughed up the bones.

Stomping to the village, the sly, savage dragon terrorised the village, golden fields of corn now black and burnt; that is what the repulsive dragon does. Smoke as black as the night sky drifting from it’s nose. Razor sharp as sharp and as big as swords didn’t chomp one cow but the whole herd. Whilst the villagers were running around because the houses were on fire, the dragon flew back to his stuffy cave and cut off their water supply!

When the dragon cut off their water supply, the villagers gave the dragon two sheep a day. Soon the sheep ran out so they gave the dragon a person instead. Everyday they have a lottery and whoevers number comes out get taken to the lake and tied to a post. when the sun rises above the eastern mountains the dragon creeps out of it’s lair and enjoys a free breakfast.


3 Responses to “The Dragon by Tyler”

  1. Bree Says:

    Wow tyler you have got some descriptive words !!!!!

  2. Lucy B Says:

    Well done Tyler! I love the word colossal.

  3. William Says:

    Wow Tyler you have got some brilliant relative clauses !!!

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