The dragon by William

The dragon with fire breathing out is mouth,who is a threat to the villagers, has a secret cave at the top of the icy cold mountain. The dragon is gruesome, repulsive and terrifying not to mention that is has impenetrable scales. The dragon has lived in the caver for 2 years ! Surely he’s going to move. This dragon is known for slyness and aggressiveness or he might he just swiftly move in and catch its prey by surprise. Some people think he does both. We..will..never..know. The dragon-who is intimidating and fierce-has 2 ways of getting his food.

The setting of where the dragon home is is an remote mountain in a cave below villagers who where unaware about a dragon in a cave on the mountain. 2 years ago when the dragon arrived it was a reek place to stay but if its smelly the dragon is going to love. The mountain with has lots of rubbish, which is reek, smelled like a pile of stinky washing but to the dragon it smelled like home.

One day the dragon does what he did before he got to the cave hunting. The villagers, who were once a happy town, was know threatened by the flaming dragon. The savage dragon took a person from the village and ate him. The dragon wanted a person a day for breakfast but if one person refuses to go up to the cave the revolting dragon will burn down the houses and inns. The person, who is being eaten by the dragon, wished he never entered the lottery or won the lottery!




3 Responses to “The dragon by William”

  1. Emily Says:

    Wow William you used amazing words to decribe your dragon Well done

  2. Ben Says:

    Amazing William I like the last part where he had a person everyday for his breakfast. You could improve on your punctuation.

    Class 11

  3. Freya Says:

    Wow William great story and great choices of words!

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