The Great Plague by Taylor L

The Black Death was also known as the plague.  It was a fatal disease that nobody wanted to catch.  There was a huge outbreak of the plague in London, England in 1665.


A Foul Disease

The plague struck in 1665.  It started, sadly, in the poor areas of London.  The streets were less clean and there was more food for the rats that travelled on the streets.  The rats were infested with fleas and it was the fleas that carried the plague virus.  At that time in London, people didn’t really know much about germs, so they passed the plague on by coughing and sneezing.


Taking Action

The laws were introduced to try and stop the plague spreading and nobody was allowed to enter London.  Over 40,000 cats and dogs died because the people killed them as they were carrying the fleas around, meaning that they passed it onto the people.  Many other towns and cities up and down the country closed due to the plague.

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