The Magic Box, by Will

I put in a box,

The fresh fragrance of a beautiful pansy,

The sound of the smooth sea on a burning summer’s day,

And a bow ribbon in my curled hair.

I put in a box,

A sound of the howling winds coming towards me,

A gorgeous galaxy chocolate bar dribbling down my mouth,

And a woollen cream jumper.

I put in a box,

A pretty unicorn and a black owl,

A teacher in the pitch black space,

 An astronaut in the bright classroom.

I put in a box,

A cold cucumber,

A romantic red rose,

And a bright red apple all over.

My box is made out of cardboard paper and pritt-stick,

Treasured photos of when I was a baby,

And all of my pens that I used when I was a kid.

I shall dance in my box,

In an enormous senate building,

Surrounded by Jedi’s and Rebels.

2 Responses to “The Magic Box, by Will”

  1. Bree Says:

    Wow William your work is fabulous, keep it up. Soon you’ll be having lots of post on your work.

  2. Emily Says:

    Well done will excellent ideas of your work . Keep the good ideas up

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