The ruin, by Eva

The Ruins

Today started like any other. Walking around the desolate and abandoned waste lands – hunting for the object . As I looked around what was once a beautiful city and now it’s a pile of ancient and forgotten ruins .A whole country was counting on me to save every body ( especially the king and queen ). Once I’ve finished my missions , I have to return it to the queen .I couldn’t let them down . Carefully , I scavenged around the crumbly ruins ; it was of now use (it seemed hopeless).Suddenly, my attention was caught by the noise of an old , abandoned ,metallic container crashing from the edge of once an impressive structure. Hurriedly, I raced towards the dented box – kicking at the rusty hinges. Unpriestly, the door swung open and what did I see ? It was the electronic device , that had only a slight crack in it ,I’d been searching for …

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