The Ruin, by Sam

The ruins


It was a normal day just like any other I was looking around at all the mossy buildings and broken houses I couldn’t believe I used to live here in such a nice town and now look what it has turned into my eye cached a glimpse of a tall building, some may say skyscraper just the building I was looking for. Crawling through the piles of rubbish I finally got there but the door was locked which was no use so I kicked it open then suddenly a metallic crate fell from the window I wondered what it was and if it was what I was looking for.
I sprinted across the waste land dunes, which took a while, until I reached a dented old safe. Surprisingly it opened as soon as I touched it and there it was the object I was looking for. I took it out of the safe and used my powers to get it working again. Now I could save my family and my home city. Suddenly, I was disturbed by a buzzing noise then as soon as I turned my head I saw the gyrocopter and his soldier like drones coming to get me. As soon as I saw them I knew what to do. Run! I fell over a few times but I finally made it to my motorbike and off I went
They were caching up so I had to go faster I lost the gyrocopter. I didn’t know if I should leave the mission or carry on. I decided to carry on the mission I went through a long tunnel and the drones exploded when I came out the gyrocopter was there I threw some dynamite at it and BOOM!

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