The Smelly Swamp, by Lucy and Niamh

After hours of searching the BHG found himself in a mysterious place. In this dark and gloomy place he saw lots of magical things. There was hallow dying trees, orange gooey water and gigantic green lily pads. Lots of tiny bubbles popped up from under the water, however, some other whispy bubbles were actually golden dreams. There was also little water fall the trickled down into the smelly swamp. It was also damp, dark and dirty down there, therefore, it was not a nice place to be in.

6 Responses to “The Smelly Swamp, by Lucy and Niamh”

  1. Mrs Atherton Says:

    Well done Lucy and Niamh. You both worked really hard on this and you have carefully chosen vocabulary to make your description more interesting to your reader.

  2. mia Says:

    Well done Niamh and Lucy youve used really good adjectives and put
    lots of connectives

  3. cl112013 Says:

    thank you mia

  4. matthew Says:

    I think work is realy goooooood

  5. Madison Says:

    Well done Lucy and Niamh your smelly swamp is AMAZING!:-]

  6. Zahraa Says:

    Wow Lucy and Niamh, well done, your use of imagination is amazing!
    Keep up the very good work 🙂

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