What it felt like to catch dreams, by Zahraa

As soon as I set foot on a colossal pad, I knew my cousin, the BFG had me in an enchanting place. A breeze overcame me. A spring was put in the step of my soft, beige shoes. Looking into the distance, MORE were looming out on the water of the dark, murky lake. Yet looks were deceiving me, because it smelt heavenly!  It rippled in the breeze, the ripples looked like a creased up bed sheet. Various ripples looked cloud- white as the gleaming moon shone upon them. A little farther on were shadowy shapes, like other giants hiding behind rocks… Actually they could possibly be witches, the witching hour was a tick tock  tick tock away! I felt truly mystified, as if the stars themselves had entered my eyes. I sniffed in hungrily and a lovely smell of bubble bath was the thing my nose could sense! Sighing in delight, my pearly teeth  shimmered. My mouth closed abruptly as a horrid tang hit the tip of my tongue. Coughing, I HAD to open my  mouth, and a chocolate- like taste melted through every spot on my tongue, every wet layer. When there was no taste left at all, I looked around me. Butterflies were forming in my stomach, the only reason was because all the busy thoughts in my mind had completely disappeared! So this was what it felt like to catch dreams. It was truly a dream itself.

5 Responses to “What it felt like to catch dreams, by Zahraa”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Good use of metaphors and adjectives!
    Class 11

  2. cl112013 Says:

    Great adjectives Zahraa

  3. niamh Says:

    wow zahraa you have put in lots of information about cathing dreams keep up the good work

  4. Zahraa Says:

    Thanks Niamh. I have read about yours and Lucy’s Smelly Swamp, and have commented. 🙂

  5. Aidan Says:

    Good use of openers and words.

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