Advertising America

This half term we are going to use Movie Maker to make our own adverts for an area of America. Firstly we need to have a look at some examples so we can get some ideas and think about what works.

This is an advert someone has made themselves and uploaded on the internet. Our videos will be similar to this one with a mixture of images, text and music.

What do you like about these clips? Think about the images used as well as the background track. Can you identify any features of persuasive language?

9 Responses to “Advertising America”

  1. bree and alex Says:

    We like your music because it goes with the video and it is very exciting.

  2. mason and ruby Says:

    we like the pictures and how its set out

  3. sophie and tyler Says:

    We really liked the videos. The songs were really catchy and the sone on the last one was good and funny.

  4. Lucie and Ben Says:

    The videos are really interesting and persuasive. Lucie did not like the last video because the music was very weird. Ben did like it because it sounded like Mario.

  5. kaiden and melanie Says:

    I think that the last clip was good but not perfect because I did not like the soundtrack on it.

  6. lauren and william Says:

    we loved the video because it really went together

  7. william f and alfie g Says:

    we liked about the fancy music and the words its makes the move outstanding.

  8. emily Says:

    I like your video and I will like to see more videos .

  9. Bree Ann Says:

    The last video clip is very good, I like that there is a couple of rhetorical questions in it.There is only one thing that could be improved, you could improve the backing track because it doesn’t really go with the setting.

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