Bacteria – Ebola

This term we are looking at bacteria. Today I would like you to research some facts about Ebola so you can make a leaflet.


Where did it start?
What are the symptoms?
Is there a cure?

Leave a comment to share your findings below….

11 Responses to “Bacteria – Ebola”

  1. Daisy and Emily Says:

    Ebola came from Congo in Africa and is a virus infection

  2. John and emogen Says:

    Fruit bats and dogs carry a virus and doesn’t get effected by it and passing onto people and the people get affected by the Ebola virus.

  3. Charlie Mia Says:

    Ebola is a very bad virus which makes you cough up blood , headache ,have a sore throat and more by Charlie and Mia .

  4. Alfie s Says:

    Ebola started in africa
    The cure is time

  5. Daisy and Emily Says:

    Ebola is a rare but deadly disease which started in guinea (west Africa) .It is usually fatal and kills 90% of the people infected.

  6. John and emogen Says:

    People do drug tests on monkeys and keep hoping for a vaccine for Ebola crysis

  7. Zahraa and Jamie Says:


    The symptoms of Ebola are:
    High fever
    Joint and muscle aches
    Sore throat
    Stomach pains
    Lack of appetite

    Ebola kills up to 90% of people who are infected. The infection is in central and west Africa, where many people fled terrified of the disease. It is passed on by touching/ caring someone with the disease, an animal with the infection, or burying someone who died of Ebola.

  8. Matthew and leah Says:

    Ebola has caused 1,556 deaths and 3,069 people have been infected with the disease! Dogs and fruit bats carry the disease without being infected. 50% and 90% of the victims die! The symptoms are headaches , fever, sore throat,muscle pains, vomting ,diarrhoea and a if you have these symptoms then I’m sorry to say this but YOU HAVE EBOLA!!!!!!!! Oh just to let you know There’s no…….CURE!!! So hope I didn’t worry you. We all hope scientists find a cure to save people who are infected.

  9. Liam and Ben Says:

    Ebola is the worst deasise in africa you could die in 12. days or a week or if lucky will get tiny spots on your body.your mouth will turn yellow orange.the people who get it would find it hard to get to hospital.

  10. peter Says:

    I think it started in Africa.
    Class 10

  11. Aidan Says:

    The symptoms of ebola are headache, stomach ache, high fever, lack of appetite and weakness.


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