Cake Sale!

We have been using PNG images and Publisher to create posters for our Cake Sale on Tuesday 15th March. As our theme is about water we decided to host a cake sale and donate the money we raise to Water Aid. Water Aid is an international charity who help to give people access to safe water.


lauren and chloe and melanie cake sale

By Lauren, Chloe and Melanie


kane wateraid poster

By Kane

9 Responses to “Cake Sale!”

  1. Bree Says:

    Well done you’re posters are really attractive and fun to read I hope we raise a lot of money .

  2. Mason Says:

    Well done KaneYou added alot of infrmation

  3. Freya and Sophie Says:

    We raised so much money. The cakes were very delicious!:)

  4. Ariana and Melanie Says:

    I like that you put the 20p picture on the poster.

  5. Jonathan Says:

    I love your poster. I bought a cake and it was delicious. I hope you raised enough money for water aid. Well done class 11. 😉

  6. Ruby Says:

    Well done Melanie! I like your poster,very creative ,descriptive and pretty

  7. Lauren Says:

    I had a lot of fun on the bake sale well done class 11

  8. Hezaam Says:

    I real like u poster because it’s funney

  9. bree Says:

    Well done your posters are really attractive and i am deffinetly buy one

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