Internet Safety Day 2016

Can you think of one mistake that Becky made and how she could keep herself safe when using the internet in the future?

You now need to help Ali complete a safe profile online at the website.

17 Responses to “Internet Safety Day 2016”

  1. lucie and bree Says:

    We have learnt not to post our personal details and pictures of our selves .

  2. Ben Y and Jonathan Says:

    The message is to not let people off the Internet to come into your life.

  3. Mason & Alfie G Says:

    We have learnt that you shouldn’t tell someone your personal details that you don’t know.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    you should be careful on the websites for cyber bullying

  5. lauren and melanie Says:

    Betty shouldn’t share her personal email

  6. Freya and Ariana Says:

    I like the way you made it like internet in real life
    I hate the baddy
    The internet life in the real life didn’t really make sense

  7. William Says:

    You should never share you personial infomation like becky did.

  8. Emily and Jayden Says:

    We have learnt that if your share your information can be very dangerous and can cause a lot of trouble.

  9. Gabrel and Hezam Says:

    You should never give any personal information about yourself if anything happens like your being sent nasty messages just tell an adult then block it then tell the police

  10. kane Says:

    You should never give her personal information away

  11. Megan and Tyler Says:

    Becky made a mistake because she let everyone know her personal information.

  12. william and zak Says:

    don’t listen because they might be someone who ther not


  13. william and zak Says:

    Don’t listen because they might be pretending to be someone who they’re not.

  14. Jonathan Says:

    This has told me not to give away any personal information on the internet so everyone can see it.

  15. Emily Foy Says:

    I learnt what can actually happen if you share your personal information and photos . Becky made a big mistake.

  16. Callum Says:

    I thought it was really good for people who are in danger on the Internet and never give away your personal details always keep away from people who are sending nasty comments on the world wide Internet and the google plus. Thank you for reading my letter

  17. Alfie H Says:

    You should never leave your door open because anybody could walk in.

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