New Topic – Mayan Civilisation


One of our new topics for the new year will be to learn about the Ancient Mayan Civilisation. Part of your homework was to research facts and areas about the new topic. Can you add a comment and share a fact?

5 Responses to “New Topic – Mayan Civilisation”

  1. Zahraa and Niamh Says:

    I know that :
    Mayan men would often become farmers.
    Priests would learn to read and write.
    It started near 2000BC and ended 250AD
    They, like the ancient Egyptians, were famous for their pyramids.
    The greatest civilisation in America was the Maya.
    For their numbers, they used a system of bars and dots.

  2. Class 11 Says:

    Chichin itza was a Mayan city state and it was very big in Mayan civilisation

  3. Class 11 Says:

    I’m really excited for our new topic!!!

  4. Emogen Says:

    The Mayan civilisation started in 2600BC

  5. Ben Says:

    I am really excited about learning all about the Mayans so far it has been really interesting and ben

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