Our Class Assembly

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After lots of hard work and rehearsing, we performed our class assembly this week.

We shared our learning about St George and citizenship and shared what values were special to us and made us British.




What part of the assembly did you enjoy the most?


17 Responses to “Our Class Assembly”

  1. bree Says:

    We couldn’t of done it with ought our helpers,mrs Atherton,mrs Faulkner and mrs fair brother . My favourite bit was where the dragon attacked george and the bruno mars dance

  2. oscar and sophie Says:

    I love doing it. thank you to every one who help with all the work.

  3. Alex Says:

    GREAT dragon alfie i liked the bit where you and tyler did the boxing part thank you miss Fairbrother fo putting it together

  4. Zak Says:

    Our favourite part in when the dragon and George was having a fight. Song ( Eye of the tiger ) not by Katie Perry!!

  5. Madison Says:

    we could not have done the assembly with out the help of the staff thank you :>)

  6. Melanie and Megan Says:

    We loved how Mrs Atherton, Mrs Faulkner and Miss Fairbrother did with the assembly. Megan loved when the music started and George killed the dragon. Melanie loved the Generation game.

  7. Alfie Says:

    Well done class 11 we put on a great play although we could’nt do it with out Miss Faibrother ,Miss Faulkner and Miss Averton.

  8. Freya Says:

    My favourite part of the play was when the dragon had a fight with George and the song played in the background. Thank you miss Fairbrother for wrighting are wonderfull play.

  9. Bree Says:

    My second favourite bit is the shield and the prayer.

  10. Chloe Says:

    I liked the bit were the dragon and St Gorge fought.

  11. Ben Says:

    My favorite bit was where you did the Bruno Mars dance and where St George killed the dragon.

    Class 11

  12. Bree Says:

    Also my favourite bit is where Madison does the dance

  13. Ariana Says:

    I liked the acting with St George and the dragon.
    I liked peforming in front of my parents.

    Class 11

  14. Ariana Says:

    My favourite part of our. Assembly was the acting with st George and the dragon.


  15. Emily Says:

    My favourite part is where Madison did the game show , I think it came well together . Thank you everyone who helped it improve and come together !

  16. Oscar Says:

    My favourite part was the fight scene my grandad loved it

  17. Dylan Says:

    My favourite part was the bit when the dragon put fists up.

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