Our Local Area

Today we have been using Google maps to explore our local area. We also looked at the street view images. What do you notice about our school from the street view? Can you add a comment with an advantage and disadvantage of the street view on Google maps?

School from Google

15 Responses to “Our Local Area”

  1. Mason , Alfie G & Lucie Says:

    we visited local areas such as school.

  2. Chloe Says:

    The local area looks really different now.

  3. Zak and Bree Says:

    WOW,i didnt expect that change on the school

  4. william Says:

    The streets are mostly out of date but it lets you go round places where you need to go or where you have never been

  5. lauren and melaine and alfie Says:

    we have found our house and we looked at the school nine years ago we learnt that our houses have changed and our lives .

  6. Emily & Oscar Says:

    School has changed a lot since then but this is a great school.

  7. Jayden Says:

    This was a really fun lesson I learned how different the school is from now.

  8. Tyler Says:

    The school has changed like there is no gym or no extension .

  9. Freya and Alex Says:

    its changed alot

  10. kane Says:

    A disadvantage is that the street pictures are from different times such as school was from June 2009 and the google building was from nov 2016.

  11. Jonathan Says:

    This is a map of our school. It is from 9 years ago. Can you notice what is different. The gym is not there!

  12. hezaam Says:

    I learned a lot and it was fun

  13. Thomas B Says:

    The school playground looks small on the internet. It is a huge playground and I can’t imagine how big the old playground was.

  14. Bree Says:

    Wow the local areas have really changed I can’t believe it’s done that

  15. Ariana Says:

    I like how it is apicture of our school but 7 years ago

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